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Introduction to patent attorney

  • Kaoru Watanabe
    Kaoru Watanabe
    Reg. No. 11287     Biochemistry, Environmental chemistry, Organic chemistry, Food chemistry, Trademark, Copyright, Contract
  • Miwako Inoue
    Miwako Inoue
    Reg. No. 14786     Biochemistry, Pharmacy, Food chemistry, Trademark, Unfair Competiton
  • Akiyoshi Ishimori
    Akiyoshi Ishimori
    Reg. No. 14714     Chemistry (Organic, Inorganic, Polymer), Materials, Photochemistry
  • Masahiro Matsuda
    Masahiro Matsuda
    Reg. No. 13068     Biochemistry, Glycoscience, Food chemistry, Fisheries science, Agricultural chemistry
  • Yasutaka Ishiwata
    Yasutaka Ishiwata
    Reg. No. 16671     Applied chemistry, Biochemistry, Food, Cosmetics
  • Yuka Tanaka
    Yuka Tanaka
    Reg. No. 20171     Biochemistry, Pharmacy
  • Mayumi Matsunaka
    Mayumi Matsunaka
    Reg. No. 20171     Biochemistry, Biology, Software, Information Technology
  • Tomoko Sadayuki
    Tomoko Sadayuki
    Reg. No. 21336     Organic Chemistry, Applied Chemistry
  • Takehira Nakatani
    Takehira Nakatani
    Reg. No. 21568     System Engineering, Robotics, Software
  • Futoshi Moriya
    Futoshi Moriya
    Reg. No. 15211 Electrical engineering,Mechanical engineering
  • Yorimichi Ishikawa
    Reg. No. 17373             Litigation and Corporate Attorney (Patent, Trademark, Unfair competition, Copyright, General corporate), Unfair competition, Copyright, Contract
  • Masaki Ohno
    Reg. No. 25575             Civil case, Commercial case, Criminal case, Unfair competition, Copyright, Contract
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Representation in industrial property filings and proceedings

We represent the client and/or liaise with overseas patent offices for the client in the preparation and application of industrial property right filings, correspondence with examiners, trials, appeals, maintenance of rights, lawsuits, etc.

Consultation on technology and product development

We provide consultation for technology and product development involving the creation of new intellectual properties, and technology development for avoiding conflicts with competitors' intellectual property rights, etc. Our patent attorneys with expertise in biochemistry (biotechnology), organic chemistry, high polymer chemistry, pharmacy, environmental chemistry, food chemistry, etc. are willing to participate in your R&D activities.

Consultation on intellectual property rights

We provide consultation about intellectual property rights at every stage ranging from brainstorming for new ideas to utilization of rights. Our patent attorneys are ready to visit your offices as well as remote factories and suppliers.

Intellectual property search

We conduct prior art search, trademark search, etc. in a swift and reliable manner. In reporting search results, our patent attorneys will not only explain facts and results but also make proposals on the direction of technology development, measures for improving patentability, measures for avoiding infringement, alternative ideas for trademark applications, etc. as necessary.

Provision of expert opinions on intellectual property issues

We provide independent expert opinions on patentability and infringement. We can also provide advice on actions to be taken based on the opinion.

Contract and negotiation practices relating to intellectual property rights

We conduct the preparation, revision and review of license agreements, joint development (research) agreements, patent application agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and technology transfer agreements, etc. We also engage in negotiations for conflict resolution and licensing.

Intellectual property seminars

We conduct seminars concerning the intellectual property law and proceedings, with particular focuses on product development and other actual business situations.

Employee training for intellectual property rights

We can offer employee training programs for intellectual property rights. We will design appropriate lecture contents which meet the needs of participants (e.g. new employees, engineers, managers, etc.) based on the client's request.

Consultation on corporate intellectual property management in general

We prioritize everyday communication with the client to correctly understand the client's situation and promptly respond to inquiries, even in the case of emergency. We provide consultation, advice, related information, instant search, etc. free of charge. We can offer, upon request of the client, employee training programs for intellectual property management.